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Content Posting Guidelines

Bypassing: Trying to bypass anything on the website such as posting links other than VIP Servers is not allowed.

Reposting Servers

Permission: If you post a server you don't own, please ask permission. If your VIP server has been reposted by someone else and you want it removed please regerenate your VIP Server Link or DM us on Discord.

Botting and Automation

Malicious Bots: Using bots or automation to harm the website is prohibited. Do not create fake accounts or engage in harmful actions.

Ban Evasion

Alternative Accounts: Creating alternative accounts to evade punishments is not allowed and will result in further action.

Account Rules

Profile Picture: Users are not allowed to upload profile pictures that are inappropriate or contain NSFW content. Any violation of this rule will result in the immediate deletion of the user's account.

Bio description: Users are not permitted to include advertisements or any inappropriate content in their bio.

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