Project Slayers VIP Servers

Project Slayers is a Roblox game inspired by Demon Slayer the anime and in this game you can do various of things such as fighting Mobs and working your way up to fighting bosses such as Muzan. You can level up and increase your attributes by fighting with mobs and bosses. Welcome to Project Slayers.

How to get:

To get the Project Slayers VIP servers simply choose one of the VIP buttons below and it will bring you to a link. If you’re asking why we are using, the simple answer to that is so we can carry on running the site and produce fundings for future Project Slayers VIP servers to be posted. Thank you and enjoy :3.


There is only one free VIP server I can get for this game because Project Slayers have A limits which only allows you to Purchase one per account but more may come soon!

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